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How Do You Feel About Online Advertising?

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Some interesting statistics showing just how much web surfers hate new intrusive advertising formats online. The study’s official conclusions suggest that it’s not so much the intrusiveness of the ads that are the problem – but rather the frequency and relevancy (or lack thereof) of the ads that anger people. However, the statistics seem to show that people can’t stand ads that are intrusive or take them away from what they’re trying to do – while they don’t mind so much typical banner ads that fit in with a page. 56% of people hated interstitials. 63% of people hated any ads with sound. Large ads that sit in the middle of the content people are trying to read piss off 62% of users. 75% of people hate ads with videos in them (which seems to contradict the study done by Unicast – a provider of video ads – saying only about 30% found them annoying). And, the absolutely most annoying, were the ads that take over a page that you’re viewing, with a whopping 84% disliking such ads. These stats are likely going to be misinterpreted by advertisers, as they’ll start to look at how to “minimize” the amount of annoyance (such as by trying to limit how many times annoying ads are shown) rather than focusing on ways to make the ads more into something people want. For example, we’ve spoken many times before about the success of campaigns by both BMW and Honda to put compelling ads online – where people actively searched them out. There was no intrusiveness – but by creating compelling advertising content, they actually spread the ads through word-of-mouth, in a way that made people excited to view the ads – not pissed off to be annoyed by them.

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Comments on “How Do You Feel About Online Advertising?”

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thecaptain says:

No Subject Given

I haven’t seen popups, since I started using Opera 6.

I use my hosts file to block images and cookies from most ad servers. They simply don’t get to my PC…

I shut off interstials (most of them) by changing the settings on my computer.

For the sites I trust and support, I will allow the banners they use MAYBE (like google ads, or in-house ads)…and not if I can support them directly.

Anything that steals control of my surfing experience I either block, shutdown or avoid.

Advertisers have gone way to far with their unscrupulous practices…NO ONE has a right to control MY PC and what I choose to see on it but ME. They lost my trust with popups and no plan to “better target” me or space out the ads or anything will ever earn my trust again.

Wish I could find a few of these ad surveys tho…I still wonder WHO the hell are the 30% who LIKE this stuff?

Dave says:

Online Advertising

How do we feel about online advertising? About on par with Osama Bin Laden, I should say. We want it dead, history. Nobody uses any medium of communication seeking ads. The ads are like highwaymen- they ambush your attention and divert it, whether you like it or not. There are degrees of annoyance, from the mildly annoying to the intolerable. Free television and radio are so riddled with mind-numbing ads, the mediums are suitable only to distract convalescing hospital patients from their illnesses. The relevance of mediums of communication today are dependent upon how easy it is to skip over the ads. Books, newspapers, and with some engineering of antispam programs- the internet are now the mediums which are relevant. Magazines, radio, television and unfettered internet (open to spammers) are irrelevant and could only appeal to the media sheep, waiting to be shorn. And the statistics touted by representatives of marketing industries are about as reliable as an Enron financial statement.

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