Is The BenQ P50 A Treo Killer?

Well, everyone else is jumping on the bandwagon, so I might as well throw in my thoughts. It seems that all the techie/gadget/wireless blogs and news sites are hyperventilating over the hidden-under-glass appearance of the new BenQ P50 phone – with just about everyone referring to it as a potential Treo 600 killer. It’s about the same size (a bit longer) with some very cool features – bigger screen, WiFi and Bluetooth included. All of which makes it really tempting. The main reason for the comparisons, of course, are that it’s got that mini-keyboard thing happening too. The specs certainly sound impressive – and maybe it’s just the fact that every damn site with a picture has blown it up so that it’s as big as my screen – but the BenQ P50 just doesn’t look like a phone. That was one of the main selling points of the Treo 600 – it finally realized that people want their phone to be a phone first, and a PDA second. Based on these pictures, the device still looks like a PDA first.

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