Will Microsoft Buy AOL?

from the antitrust?--what's-that? dept

Well, now that the rumors are getting louder that Time Warner is, once again, thinking about selling off AOL, people are starting to wonder about buyers. And, if you’re looking for companies with enough cash, sooner or later, thoughts have to turn to Microsoft. Now, a report is claiming that Microsoft has been talking to Time Warner about buying AOL. Of course, both sides realize that they might be pushing their anti-trust luck on this deal, so they’re trying to figure out ways to convince the government that this is okay. So, in the end, Microsoft may end up owning Netscape after all… Update: Time Warner is denying the reports.

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Comments on “Will Microsoft Buy AOL?”

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Beck says:

AOL Trial Ownership

1. Microsoft looks into buying AOL, provides credit card number while checking it out.

2. Microsoft decides not to buy, cancels the deal.

3. AOL charges Microsoft anyway, puts $3 billion onto Microsoft’s credit card.

4. Angry, Microsoft calls AOL and talks to four levels of CSRs over a period of two hours, finally gets assurance that the deal is cancelled.

5. Next month Microsoft gets credit card bill, sees that not only has the $3 billion not been credited, but AOL has charged ANOTHER $3 billion to the card.

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