Siemens, Ericsson And Motorola To Standardize Push-To-Talk

Back in September, we reported that Siemens, Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson had completed a push-to-talk spec that would let PTT to interoperate across handsets from all four companies. This would be a good thing, since end users don’t want to know that they can’t communicate with someone because they own the wrong kind of phone. History has shown (time and time again) that interoperability increases adoption and leads to many new opportunities. So, why, six months later are we hearing that Siemens, Motorola and Ericsson have agreed to work on a PTT standard. Hadn’t they already been working on one – and hadn’t they already included Nokia in that group? Yet, this new story says Nokia has decided not to join with the others. It seems like a lot of this is just political shuffling between the companies – but the more time they waste on that, the longer it will take to get actual solutions to market. Update: To answer my own question… InfoSync explains that this new announcement is about testing the PTT standard that was created last year. And, while Nokia helped develop the standard, it appears they’re not interested in participating in the tests.

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