Speakeasy Raises More Money

from the good-for-the-non-evil-broadband-provider dept

Speakeasy, which seems like one of the few broadband providers out there that actually wants to provide what it’s customers actually want (what a concept) while not being evil, has scored an additional $24 million in venture funds. This is the company that encourages people to share their WiFi connections and has a reputation for being fairly responsive (though, years ago, when I tried to get DSL from them, it took them two months to respond). While it would be even nicer to hear that the company was doing so well they didn’t need more venture funds, it’s good to see that such a non-evil company will still be around for a while – and hopefully will continue to be ahead of the curve in offering services that people want.

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Comments on “Speakeasy Raises More Money”

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Mark says:


Unfortunately, in my experience the most recent “service” that Speakeasy rendered was to spam me mercilessly after I went to their web page and plugged in my phone number to check for DSL pricing and availability. Email, calling me at home (a couple times a day) — it wasn’t until I specifically asked them to leave me alone that it finally stopped.

I like a lot of things the company is doing, but I didn’t particularly enjoy that episode.

Adam (user link) says:

No Subject Given

I don’t know what your problem with ISPs is, Mike, but I’ve been happy since I started using Speakeasy last November.

…filled out the form on the site, was given a login to use for tracking my install status, they shipped me a DSL modem, plugged it in, and it worked. There’s been a few ups and downs, and I seem to have to reset the modem if I unplug it from the phone, but other then that, it’s been solid.

I’m about to start using it for additional VoIP lines, even.

On the other hand, if a company that’s established and has that many customers is still seeking venture funding, I don’t see that as a Good Sign(TM).

Denis Dimick says:

Speakeasy was ok...

I had them for almost two years.. Ever since they moved my pop form denver to chi, my pings have gone up. 40ms from my first hop to 200 plus.. Finally dropped them and went with another ISP.. (LBDSL) One of the BAD things with living in NM. Not enough ppl in the state to rate it’s own pop. The tech support has gone down hill in the past year, but when it comes to running Linux, they are probally the best ISP (out of the large players) out there. Call Covad yup and try to talk to the order ppl.. Offshore..

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