Regular Laws Can Deal With Camera Phone Abuses

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While lots of people are freaking out about camera phones and thinking about writing up new laws to deal with them, shouldn’t people look into whether or not existing laws can handle the abuses? Alan Reiter has found a story about how police in Hong Kong are prosecuting a man accused of taking voyeuristic pictures with his camera phone. Reiter notes the fact that police are only dealing with approximately one such case a month – but what I found more interesting is that they didn’t need to charge this guy with any special “camera phone law.” Existing laws worked just fine.

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Comments on “Regular Laws Can Deal With Camera Phone Abuses”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Yeah, but...

Noone gets themselves (re-)elected by enforcing existing laws. You have to make a name for yourself with newer, harsher, more vicious sounding laws..

Which explains the FCC’s sudden interest in “cleaning up the airways” nowadays.

Question is, if Kerry was voted in, would he evicerate the FCC and throw out the bullshit that’s being pushed through now?

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