Just How Many Free Hours CDs Does AOL Send?

from the millions-and-millions dept

It’s amazing that AOL still continues their program of shipping millions and millions of “free hours!” CDs to everyone who has an address. You would think, after a certain point, the ad campaign wouldn’t be very effective any more (even if there are people who obsessively collect and trade the different CDs). However, according to one former AOL marketer, AOL will never give up the campaign as it’s incredibly effective in getting people to sign up. Of course, these days, the companies is losing a lot more subscribers than they’re gaining, so maybe it’s time to rethink the process. The article, though, has some guesses on how much it costs ($1.50/CD), how many CDs they send (40 million to 300 million per year!) and the response rate (5%) suggesting that it’s quite a good deal for them.

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Comments on “Just How Many Free Hours CDs Does AOL Send?”

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thecaptain says:

Re: No Subject Given

This isn’t just according to the media.
Happened to my cousin 2 years ago and a roommate of mine before that (although at the PRESENT time, this might be a problem that’s fixed I grant).
Basically they both had the 1-month free offer (unlimited connection time) at the time. Both used it, both canceled BY phone by the deadline and both were billed for months after (my roommate for 4 months, my cousin for 2) and my roommate was only partially reimbursed.
I remember my cousin being very meticulous (he was anal about it, being warned ahead of time).
What I remember happened:
1 – he called 7 days before the deadline and was told he’d have to call again 2 days or less before the deadline.
2 – Called back the day before the deadline, cancelled, took down the name of the person he spoke to…and (I’m not sure about this part) I think he also followed the process online.
3 – When he got billed the next month, he called back…was told the name he got didn’t exist and that they had no record of his cancelation. He asked to cancel again…didn’t ask for a refund.
4 – When he got billed again, he contested with Visa directly and THEN called AOL again…got the same story (we have no record of your call), this time he demanded a refund.
At that point..he wasn’t charged any longer…but it took repeated phonecalls and perseverance to get a refund for a service he didn’t ask for.

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