In Case You Hadn't Noticed, Camera Phones Are Selling

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In case you didn’t believe all the hype and the news articles about this already, there are now some numbers to support the idea that camera phones are selling like crazy. Of course, the more cynical among you will point out that this isn’t necessarily by consumer choice, but because so many phones just happen to come with cameras these days – and you’d be right. However, that doesn’t mean those people won’t start using the camera part anyway – unless of course, they’re all banned before anyone gets the chance.

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Comments on “In Case You Hadn't Noticed, Camera Phones Are Selling”

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Director Mitch (user link) says:

We're betting my division on it

Cameras for phones is what I do, and these numbers match what we are hearing from the cellphone OEMs. Actually, in my last conversation, one of the Big 3 thought the numbers that were published in this article were low.

As for the use model, you are correct that most distributors will simply give the camera away “free” with the phone – like what is done in Japan today. Then they give you a couple of months of free airtime for the phone, and maybe you’ll be hooked by then.

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