Shopping With A Million Dollar Bill

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There’s counterfeiting, and then there’s counterfeiting. It must take quite a bit of gall to shop for $1,672 worth of stuff at the local Wal-Mart, and then ask for change on the $1,000,000 bill you present the cashier. The obviously fake bill (of which the woman was carrying three at the time) didn’t get very far, and the woman was arrested for counterfeiting. I just am wondering why she thought the cash register might be holding $998,328 in cash. The woman still claims she thought the bill was real – and that her husband had given the $3 million to her (it apparently never occurred to her to ask him why he was handing her $3 million in cash). Of course, the obvious reason is that she knew it was fake, but didn’t think through how obvious that fakeness was. Still, it would seem like the best defense to this charge is that it was a stupid prank, rather than insisting that she believed the notes were real.

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Comments on “Shopping With A Million Dollar Bill”

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Director Mitch (user link) says:

Re: funny money

I got a laugh out of the Bush bill. There was also a Clinton $3 bill and I am sure there is a Nixon one somewhere out there in the novelty stores.

As a currency collector (I mean collecting old currency, as well as collecting current currency in savings), I did a post giving a quick overview different types of money, but here are the particulars for the woman with the $1MM bill:

– Largest U.S. bill ever printed was $100,000, but used only for internal trasfers between the different fed banks

– Largest U.S. bill ever printed for general cirulation was $10,000 (now worth a fortune to collectors)

– The largest “current” issue bill is $100, which is something I think managers would pass on to thier less educated cashiers.

LittleW0lf says:

Re: Re: funny money

– The largest “current” issue bill is $100, which is something I think managers would pass on to thier less educated cashiers.

According to the article (which nobody ever reads anyway,) “The cashier immediately noticed the bill – bearing the picture of the Statue of Liberty – was fake and called her manager who alerted the police.”

The lady was an idiot to think it would work, and anyone who says otherwise is fooling themselves. The mugshot on the article shows how white trash this woman actually is…

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: funny money

You’re right, the cashier in the Walmart case knew what she was doing and it was the “buyer” who was the idiot.

In the case referenced in the first comment, the cashier ACCEPTED a G.W. Bush $250 bill and gave change, so in that case it was the cashier who was at fault.

Janelle says:

Million Dollar Bills

Great Ad work for those people who sell those million dollar bills… everyone will be rushing out to get one!! I’m saving this story! The girls at work will love it, since its a running joke, when anyone goes out for anything, asking the rest if you need anything and the reply is yeah, a million bucks!

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