If You're A Big ISP, Raise Your Hand And File A Spam Lawsuit

from the go-get-'em dept

Well, after teasing the press all day yesterday, AOL, Earthlink, Yahoo! and Microsoft (and, I had thought, Comcast and British Telecom joined the party late yesterday, but aren’t mentioned in the press release) have teamed up to file lawsuits against hundreds of people accused of spamming. They’re filing it under the CAN SPAM act, so this ought to be interesting. The initial Reuters report doesn’t have much in the way of details, as this was just announced, but I imagine there will be plenty of followup stories. Update: Well, it appears the Associated Press has scooped Reuters on the details. Their report has more details, including the fact that many of the suits are filed against “John Doe” defendants. Interestingly, it’s only 6 lawsuits against these “hundreds” of defendants. Not that I want to slow down the process of suing spammers, but isn’t that what the recording industry just got in trouble for?

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