High Tech Resume Fraud

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It’s no secret that people like to fudge the little details on their resume. That’s almost expected these days. Outright lying, however, is a bit more extreme. It definitely happens all the time – and you can’t go a few months without hearing some story about some bigwig exec disgraced for listing a diploma from some university he or she never attended. However, as background checks are becoming more sophisticated, so are the methods of resume lying. There are services out there that will provide references for you, and even confirm where you went to school. For the even more advanced liar, however, that’s not enough. This article claims that job applicants are hiring hackers to break into school databases and add the applicant’s name to the school’s alumni database. While they quote a few people saying that this is possible and that it’s happening – they don’t give a single concrete example, which makes me wonder how prevalent it really is.

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