GRIC Claims 10,000 Hotspots – Sort Of

From the always informative Daily Wireless, we learn that GRIC is now claiming that they offer 10,000 hotspots. Of course, if you then read the details, you discover that’s not exactly true. They’re just claiming that they have the “rights” to more than 10,000 WiFi and ethernet locations. On their actual website, they say that they offer access to 7,100 “active” WiFi and ethernet hotspots – though, the press release claims 6,642 live Wi-Fi access points and 1,400 hotel Ethernet access points. This is certainly an impressive amount that beats many other hotspot aggregators. Of course, if you’re an individual and you just want to be able to surf on the go, GRIC probably isn’t for you. They’re very clearly focused on the business market, but offer a $60/month (!?!) account for individuals with way too much money to throw around. Still with the rise of free WiFi just about everywhere, you wonder how much longer companies like GRIC will be able to charge the rates they do.

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