Yet Another Story Of A 419 Victim

from the just-how-gullible-can-you-be? dept

We’ve had plenty of stories about 419 Nigerian scam email victims, including those who still don’t believe they’ve been conned, but here is yet another story about someone (who remains anonymous throughout the story) tossing any skepticism out the window when greed took over. The thing that fascinates me about this story is that, even though the guy admits he was conned out of about $200,000, he points out that his anger against those who conned him is tempered by the fact that the main guy who was his contact “was always polite and considerate.” Who knew the trick to keeping con victims happy even after they learn they’re being conned is just to be polite to them? It seems that the common thread through many of these stories are that those conned are incredibly trusting of anyone who is nice to them.

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