ICANN Is No Bargain, But What If A Replacement Is Worse?

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Most people who follow these things know that there are serious problems with the way ICANN is run that raises important questions about their ability to govern the internet fairly. However, many are even more afraid that any replacement will be much, much worse. In some cases, this has even prevented groups from fighting too hard against ICANN, as they’re worried that a government agency or the UN will take over the process, and make it even more bureaucratic and unresponsive. However, with the latest lawsuits against ICANN, the issue may be forced. Clearly, the process of internet governance needs to change – but the question is how will it change, and will the new process be worse than the current one?

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Comments on “ICANN Is No Bargain, But What If A Replacement Is Worse?”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Can’t see anyone being worse than ICANN.

When http://www.totalnic.net hijacked my domain names, ICANN offered no help, they basically said they were powerless to act on a registrar, even though they were breaking ICANN T&C’s and I had proof that the domains belonged to me.

I really think that a voluntary or commercial domain organisation cannot be any use, it needs to be criminally prosecutable – i.e. be monitored by the police or government.

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