Web Movie Reviewers Don't Get No Respect

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The folks in Hollywood seem to have no problem blaming bad online news for dismal box office performance, but, for the most part, they’ve been slow to recognize the positive impact online movie reviewers can have on ticket sales. Online movie reviewers are still mostly being ignored by studio publicity folks who spend all kinds of money to convince newspaper, TV and radio movie reviewers to write positive reviews. Of course, while some of the reviewers complain, this might just be better for those of us who like to read those reviews – since they’re less tainted by the need to please the movie publicists to get invited to more screenings and events.

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Comments on “Web Movie Reviewers Don't Get No Respect”

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Precision Blogger (user link) says:

Re: We're still herd animals

Mike, stop being so reasonable. What Gollywood wants is CONTROL over who sees the movie, and they think they do that by advertizing. Especially, they can decide not to advertize in newspapers that are too hard on them.

The idea of having a medium totally out of their control trying to decide separately what’s a good movie — Perish the Thought!!

(Of course they were NEVER REALLY in control, but they thought they were.)
– Precision Blogger

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