How Softbank Execs Apologize For YahooBB Data Leak

from the would-we-ever-see-such-a-thing-in-the-US? dept

Over in Japan, people have been talking about the data leak of customer info concerning subscribers to the popular YahooBB DSL service. Now, Softbank (who owns YahooBB) is admitting that it’s true, and is giving credits worth around $37 million to customers to apologize. Also, to take responsibility for the leak, top execs at the company have agreed to give up half of their salary for six months, which is no small sum. Of course, it would also be nice to hear what they plan to do to prevent this from happening again. Still, would we see a US company do the same thing under the same circumstances? I would guess most US companies would try to play down the problem, saying that because no passwords or credit card info was leaked, it really was no big deal.

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