Acacia Convinces Disney To Pay Patent Fee

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Well, it’s no surprise that the folks at Disney might just pay up on a patent infringement claim concerning Acacia’s streaming media patent. Disney, after all, is the company that still is fighting hard to hold onto out-dated intellectual property models. So, of course, they should pay up when any patent holder knocks on their door. Still, it would have been nice for a big company to challenge Acacia, and point out that this tiny company, which does nothing with their patents other than threaten other companies if they don’t pay them (in some places, this is known as extortion), shouldn’t have such patents in the first place. Clearly, Disney was never going to be the company pushing for patent reform. Instead, it looks like it’s going to be a group of online porn providers, which will make sure that people focus on the wrong aspect of this case.

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