Years Later, DoubleClick May Begin Spying On Surfers

from the just-what-people-feared... dept

Five years ago Doubleclick bought Abacus Direct, and freaked out a lot of people when they stated their plans to start linking the information in Abacus’ databases with the web surfing habits of people who viewed their ads. After a public outcry, and DoubleClick said they wouldn’t combine the two sets of information. However, enough time seems to have passed that they’re now floating a trial balloon about the idea of combining the data once again. They claim that people are no longer worried about privacy, so it shouldn’t really bother anyone. They compare it to how people used to be afraid of using their credit cards online, but now don’t mind so much. Of course, what he doesn’t mention is that there is a risk in using your credit card online, but at least it’s still your choice.

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Comments on “Years Later, DoubleClick May Begin Spying On Surfers”

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1 Comment
thecaptain says:

Marketting speek

Once again the marketter’s bizaro world mindset strikes again:

” They claim that people are no longer worried about privacy, so it shouldn’t really bother anyone.”

That’s just about on the same level as:

“The majority of people WANT to receive unsolicited commercial offers conveniently in their inbox”


“Most people enjoy receiving a call informing them of a unique opportunity or product!”

I mean COME ON…who the h*ll BELIEVES these people anymore when they talk? I never thought I’d say this, but they are worse then politicians.

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