Will Carriers Support WiFi Phones?

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Nokia has announced their first dual cellular/WiFi phones, and already the press is worried because no carriers have announced support for the phones. Doesn’t it seem a bit early? The phone in question isn’t close to being on the market yet, so it seems a bit premature to worry about no announced carriers. As the article eventually points out, some carriers view such phones as yet another way to steal customers away from the landline phone companies – and so one of them will eventually push WiFi phones. And, if they’re successful, the others will quickly follow.

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Comments on “Will Carriers Support WiFi Phones?”

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franck (user link) says:

No Subject Given

I think that all mobile companies will try to do the same as Nokia. They will follow up all tehnology like other firms. I must say I have Nokia mobile phone, but I once had also Siemens, and I didn`t noticed and difference. Ahh tecnology is growing too fast. You should read about technology in this page: http://www.platinum-celebs.com/technology/news/2004_02_20.html, my friend told me about.

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