PowerPoint For Distance Learning

from the using-the-simplest-tool dept

After looking at a variety of options for providing tools to do “self-paced” lessons, one university has decided that the most sensible tool was PowerPoint. While there are those who hate PowerPoint and will find all sorts of reasons to complain about this, it does make a very good point. Many times, people don’t want tools with the most bells and whistles and features, but they just want something they’re comfortable with, which does the job. I’m sure many of the other tools they looked at had some very cool features – but there would be a steeper learning curve for the professors creating the content and for the users. In the end, PowerPoint made the process simple, and that’s what really mattered.

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Comments on “PowerPoint For Distance Learning”

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1 Comment
auMooseCowHerd Mainlander! (user link) says:

powerpoint is best at a distance...

developed by taswegians. they have two heads. powerpoint is evil. taswegians idea of exports is to cut down hundred’s of years old forest & turn it into woodchips. several years ago, a right wing extremely conservative extremely christian taswegian federal senator sold his vote for 30 odd million dollars of broadband & it subsidies (at least someone sold him a good idea). they still havent spent it, as no one there is interested in tek-nol-ogy. its all deforestation, mining & inbreeding. powerpoint fits in there quite well….

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