State AGs Rejoice Over CD Refund Publicity Opportunity

from the go-buy-half-a-CD dept

It’s been well over a year since the recording industry had to collect names to refund consumers for their CD price-fixing ways. Despite a number of delays, it appears that the money is finally on its way. For all that price fixing, consumers will get a grand total of $13.86, not even the price of a regular CD these days. Interestingly, it appears that every state attorney general came out with their own press release about this, so you can read about how people in Washington, California, Arkansas, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, Iowa, Tennessee, North Carolina, Idaho and plenty of other states are going to be receiving their $13.86. Hmmm. Think this is a political issue that state politicians want to take credit for? Meanwhile, no one is pointing out that the recording industry used their price fixing schemes to bring in a hell of a lot more than the $67 million they’re paying out.

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Comments on “State AGs Rejoice Over CD Refund Publicity Opportunity”

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thecaptain says:

No Subject Given

Its simply modern business:

1) Overcharge and/or rip off your customers
2) Rake in billions because of #1
3) get caught, act contrite, strike a deal and pay back a “slap on the wrist” of 64 million bucks

Yeah…I’m really thrilled about our politicians and our justice system. Its about the same as charging a serial rapist a 50$ fine.

m0deth says:

Class Action Suits

And this is why class-action suits only serve the defendants and the lawyers suing them. God forbid each and every person they stole from sue them for arrears…..they’d hafta fire some bigwigs to cover those expenses. Here’s the real killer, I’ll bet my left nut that this suit also states that they admit no guilt upon settlement, which simply means they paid-off(bribed legally) everyone with a complaint saying they did no wrong, as happens when cases like this are allowed to settle. And this is why prices will never change, and neither will the music industry or the RIAA

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