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Bango is now introducing their “point and click” Bango Spots, where they display a marker at a certain location or on a poster or flyer, and anyone with a camera phone can snap a picture of it, and the phone will open up a specific website with additional content – whether its information or things like games and ringtones. Basically, it’s an easy way to provide location specific content without worrying about using location based technology on the phone. Of course, the hurdle at this point is that users need to download and install the Bango Spot reader on their phone. The company has (smartly) made the spec for creating Bango Spots completely open, in the hopes that more people will create the spots. It’s an interesting idea, and whether or not it actually catches on (will depend on user tastes and just how much compelling content is offered), it does show yet another way that camera phones are different and present new options beyond just being a camera.

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