More Virus Industry Overhype On Damage Numbers

from the proof-please? dept

Right after MyDoom came out, mi2g got all sorts of news coverage for saying that it would do $38.5 billion in damage – a number many considered to be ridiculous (even to the point where other anti-virus firms were scolding them for exaggerating the damages – something almost unheard of in the industry). mi2g, though, seems to have ignored this and are continuing to get news coverage by coming up with exceptionally high estimates for the amount of “damage” caused by viruses – and none of these reporters seem to be questioning how the company comes up with these figures. Meanwhile, with a little internet research, it’s not hard to establish that mi2g has something of a questionable history and has even sued VMyths for getting good Google rankings on their page trashing mi2g, which showed up when people were searching for the company.

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