Don Henley Blames Recording Industry For Killing Music

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An interesting article being picked up by a variety of publications written by famed musician Don Henley, saying that the trouble facing the recording industry isn’t about the internet or piracy, but about record labels that no longer understand what business they’re in, and who are so focused on profit, they’re forgetting that they’re creating music and not a commoditized product. Henley’s solution is that musicians should fight against media mergers and demand that labels treat musicians fairly. He seems to believe the only way to do this is to have the government step in. I’m not sure why this is necessary. Musicians should vote with their feet. If they’re getting screwed over by the record labels (and they are), that’s an opportunity for better record labels to come along. Some new labels are trying to be different, and if a few major musicians went in that direction others would quickly follow.

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Comments on “Don Henley Blames Recording Industry For Killing Music”

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Frank Stallone (user link) says:

Don can start by...

not trying to hurt American Internet Radio. is one of the last few places to hear real music in the US. Artists like Don should wake up and see that the Internet radio community may be the last ones not pushing Spears or Boy Bands onto the listening public. The idea that web radio is hurting artists by playing a wider variety of music is absurd. Of course, record companies don’t like having to market smaller acts rather than guaranteed sellers like Timberlake.

Remember when you could actually hear real music on the radio? Ahhh those were the days.

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

“He seems to believe the only way to do this is to have the government step in. I’m not sure why this is necessary.”

Probably because the big record company cartels are able to pay radio stations to keep other music off the air. Only the government can issue broadcast licenses, so it is not a free and open market. And only the government can put a stop to the payola system supported by those licenses. But it won’t.

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