Can't Use The Name Lindows? How About Lin—s?

from the won't-back-down dept

Michael Robertson is not known for backing down when challenged. In fact, his specialty seems to be taking controversy and turning it to his advantage for the publicity. Thus, it should be no surprise to hear that when told he can no longer use the Lindows name in certain European countries, he’d change the offering name to Lin—s instead (pronounced LinDash). No matter how much of a cheap publicity stunt it is, you have to admit that the hangman graphic on the Lin— site (yes, they got the domain) showing all the crossed off letters not needed to fill in the missing letters is somewhat amusing.

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Comments on “Can't Use The Name Lindows? How About Lin—s?”

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1 Comment
LittleW0lf says:


Why name it Lin—s when they could really piss off Microsoft and call it Notdows?

How anyone could be confused between Windows and Notdows would be beyond me. Of course, this is all stupid trademark litigation which a judge should have thrown out as frivilous anyway, how anyone could see a connection between the word “windows” and the made up word “lindows” is beyond me, just as how X-Windows came first, but yet Microsoft is allowed to use the Trademark Windows to push everyone else out. Why the courts haven’t seen X-Windows, which existed long before Windows as a dilution of trademark is beyond me?

Didn’t MIT Trademark X Window System before Microsoft Trademarked Windows, and wouldn’t that be grounds for the loss of Microsoft’s Trademark? Then again, IANAL…

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