The Web Is Not TV

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This seems obvious to most folks around here, but it appears that some marketing folks are just beginning to get an inkling that, perhaps, the web is very different from TV and the idea of putting 30 second “TV spots” on the web doesn’t make sense. People view a TV and a computer in two very different ways and they interact with them in different ways. Just because taking a spot and repurposing it seems easy to marketing folks doesn’t means it’s the right thing.

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Comments on “The Web Is Not TV”

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Bastard Sammy says:

Re: No Subject Given

The web is your tv, radio, your phone, every book ever published, it’s got a million chat rooms, on demand programming in every language. It’s your art gallery, instant comminication with friends and loved ones, it’s the ability to be anywhere in the world at any time in any language. The web tears down conventional limitations like linier time and space.

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