Getting Treos Into Celebrity Hands

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RIM started this with their Blackberry marketing program that tried to get the devices into the hands of specific people who would influence others, and Danger followed up doing the same thing with their Hiptop. Now, it appears that PalmOne/Handspring are going all out in making sure the rich, famous and (most importantly) well connected are carrying Treo 600s wherever they go. Maybe this explains why almost everyone is completely sold out of the devices – they’re all going to people who are better connected than you or I. The article paints an interesting picture of the process of getting free stuff if you’re rich and famous. Basically, you see one of your rich and famous friends with some cool gadget, and then you call up the company requesting your own. Even though you’ve got more money than you could ever know what to do with, the company then sends you a free one (or more, if you want…) so that you’ll be sure to show it to your friends, and all those piddly little normal people will drool over it and have to go out and spend their hard-earned money on one themselves.

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