Quick Summation Of Why Software Patents Don't Make Sense

from the worth-remembering dept

Wired is running an interview with Pamela Jones, who has been doing an amazing job analyzing every SCO misstep over at GrokLaw. If you follow the case at all, you’re likely to be familiar with the site. The interview, though, focuses on what she’s going to do with the site once the SCO mess goes away. It’s clear that she’s not going to stop, but is gearing up to take on other intellectual property messes (which will continue to come, fast and furious). The reason I’m posting this, though, is a great quote from her concerning the problem of patenting software: “With time I expect that as tech savvy-ness increases in the judiciary, and it will, someone will notice that software is just math, creativity and math, and patenting 1 + 1 = 2 will eventually set us up to where only the owners of that and similar patents can write software. Meanwhile the rest of the world will move ahead in development, while the United States is stuck in the mud because no one can write 1 + 1 = 2 without crossing somebody’s palm with silver.”

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