Stop Focusing On The Technology, Focus On How It's Useful

from the just-a-reminder dept

We’ve mentioned this before, but the whole focus on “blogging” itself seems to get too much attention, compared to what it’s actually useful for. Over on the corporate side of Techdirt where we provide daily information and analysis to companies – in the form of a blog – we tend not to use the word “blog” unless we know we’re dealing with people who are quite familiar with the term. We’ve found that it focuses the conversation in the wrong direction. In fact, a large percentage of our customers have no clue what a blog is even though they’re using one every day. It appears that the folks at Disney have realized the same thing. Tim Bishop has a great post talking about how Disney started using blogs, RSS and aggregators by making sure no one heard those three words at all. Instead, they made them fit into existing structures and processes – just making them much more useful. Ross Mayfield has more details.

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