Notebooks For Gamers?

from the death-of-the-desktop dept

Every time I wonder why anyone would buy a desktop machine again, when notebooks are quite powerful and much more useful when portable, someone reminds me of the gamers. The gamers always want more powerful and customizable desktop machines so they can do more with their machines. However, the notebook makers are realizing that the desktop market may be a dying one, and thus are trying their best to create notebook computers for gamers. Of course, as someone points out in the article, the price difference will still make this a very small market. I also wonder if it wouldn’t help to make these gaming notebooks more easily customizable, since part of the appeal of desktops seems to be the ability to modify them.

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Comments on “Notebooks For Gamers?”

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thecaptain says:

No Subject Given

As gamer, I think its a great idea.

Just before Xmas, I splurged on a couple of laptops for me and my SO to play games together and price-wise, there weren’t too expensive. They werent the latest and greatest mind you…but so far we haven’t found anything on the market that WON’T play on them.

Laptops ARE pricier than desktops, that’s a given, but the advantages are just sooo nice, I started out with an old used laptop just to do some programming work and I was hooked…this new machine of mine now is just too sweet.

Inner Critic says:

Re: Notebook

At first, I loved my notebook, too. I took it to the couch to play games – thought this would be great! Ah, the freedom.

But then – two words: carpal tunnel. Turns out my ergo workspace is the best place to game, regardless. And I paid way, way too much money for the notebook when I did (so I could play some games on it), and it went quickly obselete in terms of what games it could support. Now I’m back to a lightning speed desktop, with video cards and CPU’s that I can easily upgrade to keep up with the times.

The notebook is still crucial for business. But until they can make them so its easy to upgrade CPU power and video cards, or lower the price significantly, its not a good choice for the average person who doesn’t travel that much.

thecaptain says:

Re: Re: Notebook

Its all about experimentation.

I can’t be comfortable enough to game on the couch…

My SO and I usually end up gaming at night in bed in lieu of bedtime reading…I’m usually on my stomach, with pillows providing head support, while she prefers lying back with the laptop on a small breakfast in bed type of table.

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