Robots With Wearable Computers?

from the but-why? dept

Roland Piquepaille writes “BBC News Online reports that “scientists are developing a wearable, ‘intelligent’ computer system to help humans or robots explore Mars on future missions to the Red Planet.” “The ‘cyborg astrobiologist’ consists of a person equipped with a compact computer, camera, finger mouse, head-mounted display and keyboard.” Patrick McGuire, who designed the system, said that a user, human or robot, can influence the system by giving it values biasing towards ‘polysaturated pixels.’ My blog also includes a photo of McGuire playing with one of his robotics devices.” While the article says that the system is designed to be used by a human, they also admit that it could be “worn” by a robot. Am I the only one who finds it somewhat amusing to think of a robot sporting a wearable computer? They’re robots… you can build this stuff in…

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