Biggest Online Gamers? Women Over 40

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While the general impression most people have of online gamers is teenaged boys shooting each other in digitized worlds, it turns out that it’s women over the age of 40 who spend the most time playing online games. The women who regularly play video games say it takes away from other activities such as “watching TV or movies, reading or being physically active.” Even more interesting, those women gamers are night owls. Over 25% are found online between midnight and 5am. Of course, as you might guess, the type of games played tend more towards puzzle and word games, but it still might not be what you’d expect. So, forget the early 20s male gamer, when do we see sponsorship opportunities for the over 40 female gamers?

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Comments on “Biggest Online Gamers? Women Over 40”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

“Even more interesting, those women gamers are night owls. Over 25% are found online between midnight and 5am.”

Wait, doesn’t that really say that 3/4 of the respondents play during normal waking hours? Like, isn’t what’s “even more interesting” that these women are predominantly not night owls? Oh yeah, that’s not interesting at all.

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