No Segways For Disney Visitors

from the mickey-doesn't-do-balancing-scooters dept

Sick of having to be pushed around in wheelchairs, a number of disabled guests to Disney’s various amusement parks have been trying to bring their Segways along for easier transport through the park, but are being told that Disney is a no-Segway zone for visitors at the park. Disney’s response is they only allow FDA approved medical devices – and the Segway isn’t on the list.

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Comments on “No Segways For Disney Visitors”

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Thom K. says:

Not "No" Segways, just THEIR Segways


There were Segways all over EPCOT just this past November – only these belonged to the stupid vendors of glow-in-the-dark bracelets & hats & other souvenir trash. My friend & I were pleased to see them, since they were definitely an attention getter, and fit right in with the “Experimental” and “Tomorrow” themes that EPCOT was supposed to stand for.

Wonder why the double standard???

Ardan says:

Re: Re: Not

You know, I can’t afford a segway but I have an old pickup truck, it is much more comfortable than an wheelchair and I can “push” my way to the front of the line. If a kid gets in my way I could just knock him out of the way and keep going. And I get hot, with my Pick Up I can run the AC…..

If Disney allows the rich few to run everone over with the segways then maybe I could bring my Pick Up……

Disney is worried about the law suits, why is a segway allowed places that other electric scooters, bikes and Pick ups aren’t allowed? Because it is a rich man’s toy and we know the rich rule the world.

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