Quality Of Service Manager For Mobile Data Transmissions

Cellular wireless networks are continually improving in overall speeds, but does the frequent change in overall quality matter? It could impact certain applications that require higher bandwidth, and so, along comes a company, fg microtec, that has developed a quality of service manager that runs on the phone itself and tries to prioritize the flow of data, based on what application is doing what. There’s been a lot of talk of similar systems for the internet in general, and there are strong feelings for and against such things. Many people feel that the entire point of such networks is that they’re application agnostic, and adding in specific “fast lanes” for certain types of data can cause more harm. However, the cellular network operators, who stand to make extra money from things like picture messaging are likely to see it differently. Technology like this can help them perception-wise as end-users will point out that it “feels” faster.

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