Oklahoma Didn't Get The Message On CAN-SPAM

from the er...-state-laws-don't-matter... dept

One of the issues with CAN SPAM was that it overrode any state laws concerning spam (something that angered many states which had much stronger anti-spam laws in place). However, at least one politician in Oklahoma didn’t get that message (perhaps it got lost in all the spam…) and he’s introducing his own anti-spam legislation for the state. However, I’m not sure if the reporter writing about it is confused, or if the law makes no sense at all. According to the article, the law “would require any unsolicited commercial e-mail to include an automatic return mechanism so the recipient could reply without typing the sender’s e-mail address.” I’ve been trying to figure out what this means, and I still have no idea. It sounds to me like they’re saying all email software needs to have a reply button (wait! they already do!), but is unclear on how that has anything to do with spam. Otherwise, the law sounds almost identical to the useless CAN-SPAM act in that it forbids falsifying the from address (worked wonders so far) and uses an opt-out standard.

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