Cabbies Ban Passengers From Using Mobile Phones

from the times-must-be-good dept

Apparently, times are good for Norwegian taxi cab drivers, such that they can turn down passengers who are using mobile phones in their cabs. The drivers have started posting signs saying that passengers may only use the mobile phone with permission from the driver. They claim they’re tired of listening to personal phone calls and would like their “workplace” treated with respect. So far, no one has protested, and it seems to be a conversation starter, where many agree with the cabbies that too many people use mobile phones in inappropriate ways. The drivers say they’re not completely banning use of the phones – but they want their passengers to ask first, and only use it for important purposes. I imagine such a rule wouldn’t go over quite as well in a New York City cab.

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Comments on “Cabbies Ban Passengers From Using Mobile Phones”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: In NYC or Norway?

Which Cabbies? The residents of Norway who happen to drive cabs, or do you mean the cabbies of NYC?

Give the nycs some slack: english is one of the most tricky languages to learn, and your heavy accent and slang don’t help. They probably have more degrees than you and are guaranteed to speak more languages than most people.

thecaptain says:

Re: Re: Re:2 chicago

Agreed, here in Montreal its at least half of them who use their phones (MANY of them NOT hands free either…)

One guy even took his one free hand off the wheel to “shush” me (the other was holding on to the damn phone) when I tried to tell him to take a shorter route (8 bucks versus 13)…I refused to pay, told him he should have hung up and watched where he was going….He threatened to call the cops, I told him to use his cell and do it right now..he drove off sans cash…

Idiots are everywhere…not only on the passenger side.

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