Here Come The Bigger And Bigger MyDoom Damage Estimates

from the based-on...-what-exactly? dept

Jeremy Wagstaff has put together a nice summary (much of it based on pointers from about the expected response from anti-virus firms who want to make sure that they quote the largest possible number of potential “damages” from the myDoom virus to make sure they get quoted in press articles. The winner is British security consultant mi2g, who claims damages will reach $38.5 billion – a number that is already being picked up by the press at a pretty rapid clip (be sure to play along at home and track the mentions). There is no basis given for the number, but they’ll give you more details if you pay them money for a report. Reporters, for the most part, aren’t concerned about the details, but like to have an actual number to throw out there and quote as a fact.

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Comments on “Here Come The Bigger And Bigger MyDoom Damage Estimates”

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Annie Nomous says:

MI2G - Security Consultants or Bullsh*t Artists?

I find it amazing that you can give the media a figure like $100 billion dollars and they will belive it. More amazing is that MI2G wasn’t always in the “security intelligence” business but had a portal for car information.

Makes me wonder how many of these fly-by-night viagra companies today will be in the new MI2G’s of tomorrow.

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