Teletruth Asking For $1135 Refund For PA Residents From Verizon

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We’ve discussed the story of the Verizon (originally Bell Atlantic) agreement in Pennsylvania before. The deal was that Verizon would provide fiber to the home for every Pennsylvania resident in exchange for certain tax breaks and benefits. The deal was supposed to lead to every home in the state receiving a 45 Mbps connection. By 2004, 50% of all homes were scheduled to have this connection. Teletruth, the organization that spends a lot of time on this one issue, is now pointing out that it’s 2004 and no one in Pennsylvania is getting a 45 Mbps fiber connection to their home supplied by Verizon – but Verizon has kept all the money they got as a result of the deal. Thus, they’re asking that Verizon give back $1,135 (the approximate amount each household has paid) to each household in the state.

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Comments on “Teletruth Asking For $1135 Refund For PA Residents From Verizon”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

They're being generous.

I’d ask for not just the $1135 back, but also that the courts find Verizon guilty of fraud, conspiracy and any other charges they can drum up and that they be required to pay triple the amount to the people who were defrauded.

After all, if you write someone a bad check (a type of fraud) then they can take you to court and sue for court costs + 3x the value of the check (compensation + damages).

The people of Pennsylvania have essentially given Verizon an interest-free loan and it’s time they take action.

I’m sick of seeing corporations take advantage of the public like this. Hit them where it hurts.

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