Running With Technology… Email While You Jog

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If you hate running for exercise, will you be any more likely to run if you had to strap on a series of gadgets that will display video in your glasses as you run? That seems to be the idea behind this invention, that connects a Pocket PC and GPS to a pair of sunglasses with a built-in LCD screen. Based on your location, it can play different videos, or, if you hook the system up to your mobile phone, it will scroll your latest emails to you. That’s right, forget the bland old plan of just listening to music while you jog – now you can be productive too. Of course, it strikes me that it’s a fairly dangerous mix to have people who are jogging be concentrating on a little screen within their glasses. Besides, considering the expense that clearly goes into such a system, aren’t their more valuable ways to put these components to use?

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