Consumers Not Worried About RFID

from the misusing-statistics dept

As the folks pushing RFID solutions continue to battle against those who are against them, they seem to be focusing on the wrong thing yet again. A new study has come out saying that consumers aren’t that concerned with the privacy implications of RFID. That’s no surprise. I doubt it’s a topic that your average person is concerned with. However, it would be misinterpreting these results to say that because the average consumer isn’t concerned, there is no problem. Instead of focusing on public perception, shouldn’t the RFID people be focusing on making sure that the privacy questions are settled? There are some perfectly good suggested solutions to RFID privacy problems – and there’s no reason that the industry should ignore them. RFID has a ton of potential, and the faster companies are willing to adopt them for a variety of applications the better off we’ll be – if they first answer the privacy questions.

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