Most People Still See Nothing Wrong With File Sharing

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While the RIAA insists they’re “winning the war” by educating people why file sharing is bad, it appears that they haven’t done a very good job convincing people outside of their little circle. A new study shows that, while people do believe that selling unauthorized copies of music is bad, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with downloading for personal use. The majority of people also don’t see downloading as being different from getting a used CD or borrowing a CD from a friend. They certainly don’t understand why people should be fined thousands of dollars for the activity. Also, not surprisingly, the younger respondents are, the less they care about the RIAA’s position.

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Comments on “Most People Still See Nothing Wrong With File Sharing”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Founding Fathers

It’s been a long time since my last U.S. History or Civics class, but I seem to recall that the United States of America is a country “of the people and for the people”.

Now, I do know that we’re not a true democracy, but a democratic republic, so not every person’s opinion counts, but it would seem to me that if significantly more than half of the people living in the country feel one way that the laws should be changed to reflect that.

alex says:

Re: Founding Fathers

Unfortunately those feelings are purely imaginary. These days the United States of America is a country “of the multinational corporation and for the multinational corporation.” With the whole slew of big lobbying groups lining the pockets of the Congress, et. al. you’ll be lucky if you don’t get sued for just sneezing (you may be infringing on some patent or copyrighted material)

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