Wi-Fi: Where Is Nokia?

Over at Unstrung.com, they’re mulling over why Nokia has been stillborn in the WiFi space despite getting an early launch with the world’s first WiFi/GPRS card. Unstrung suggests this is because Nokia focused on the less explosive public WiFi market, and not the enterprise. In order to remedy that miscalculation, Unstrung, supported by arguments from Pyramid Research, Ovum, and Infonetics, suggests the Finns may go shopping to inject some energy in their 802.11 efforts. The linked article suggests potential targets including Trapeze Networks, Vivato, and Aruba Wireless Networks. Unstrung goes on to mercilessly (why we love ’em) illustrate Nokia’s poor history of integrating acquisitions: “In the last few years, Nokia has bought edge router hopeful Amber Networks (defunct); Ipsilon Networks (missing in action); InTalk Corp. (cleverly snatching up obsolete 802.11 technology just as the world started to move towards the b standard); and Rooftop Communications (as a WLAN alternative to DSL and cable — where are they now?).”

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