Top VCs Trying To Discourage The Competition

from the too-much-money,-huh? dept

It seems that some of the bigger name venture capitalists out there are suddenly saying that there’s too much venture money flowing into the market again and that means that it’s much more difficult for the horses they’ve backed to compete. Apparently, they would prefer it if venture financing remained an exclusive little club where the old boys could pick two or three players and let them fight it out in the dog pit, and then pick up their winnings at the IPO window. Of course, I’m not sure why these guys should care so much. Assuming they know how to make a good investment, then who cares if the other VC firms are throwing their money away? They always talk about how much their guidance and experience helps the companies they invest in – so what do they care if lesser VCs are backing other companies that compete with their companies?

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