Deloitte Consulting Predicts Data Will Not Grow In 2004

In a recent report, Deloitte Consulting made a series of predictions regarding the growth prospects of mobile voice and data services for 2004. In the “duh” category, they predict increased market penetration of wireless services with voice continuing to dominate revenues…uh, voice is about 98% of revenues right now… obviously it will dominate for quite some time. Deloitte actually takes a stand on mobile data growth, which they postulate will slow in 2004. It’s good for pundits to take a risky position once in a while, but I’ll bet they’re wrong: i) W-LNP will put new terminals in many hands, replacing non-data handsets, ii) Carriers are bolstering their data offerings, iii) and making data easier to use, iv) better data networks are steadily being launched, v) and coverage is increasing, vi) content providers are figuring out mobile, and are stimulated by the fact that some are making real money. There, now they’ve made their stand, and so have I.

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