And, Then, There's ZigBee…

I have to admit, in all the talk and hype about all the other various wireless standards, ZigBee is continually lost in the buzz. However, it does have a lot of support. Still, it’s a little surprising to see a report coming out claiming that ZigBee will have a “dramatic impact” on the home automation market. It may very well do that, as it has the one advantage of being insanely cheap – so it is an interesting area to watch, but I’m not fully ready to jump on the ZigBee bandwagon. And, of course, you’ll know ZigBee has arrived when reporters start writing completely confused and irrelevant “ZigBee vs. Bluetooth/WiFi/3G/smoke signal” articles.Derek adds: Here’s another issue we debate here at techdirt, because I’m riding shotgun in the ZigBee bandwagon. I think this dog can hunt.

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