How To Spin The Story… A La Forbes

from the whoa dept

Talk about a shocking way to spin a story. The story of is not new. We’ve been covering it here for a while now. The company has completely disregarded junk fax laws, and has been known to inundate people with countless unsolicited faxes. They built up their database of fax numbers by simply calling every number they could with a computer and determining if it was picked up by a fax machine. The company has been hiding from FCC fines by creating a number of shell corporations, and pretending they’ve been put out of business. Somehow, they’ve convinced Forbes of their spin, as they’ve written up a stunning piece blasting everyone who is trying to collect on fines from – despite the fact that they clearly violated the law in question, and have continued to do so, despite being told to stop. The article suggests that those who are suing are running an “extortion racket”. What the article completely ignores is that has been illegally dumping unsolicited faxes by the hundreds on people. It’s not extortion when all you’re doing is using the law to stop people from invading your property.

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