Fact Checking Politicians And Journalists Online

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You may have heard the the popular phrase that, thanks to the simplicity of researching and publishing online, anyone can “fact check your ass” online. It seems that some folks are taking that to heart as we enter the political season (which doesn’t mean the season when we can shoot politicians…) and a variety of sites are being launched to fact check politicians and journalists. It’s definitely nice to see specific sites set up, but the article does wonder about “fact checking the fact checkers” – but, thankfully, that’s just as easy. As it stands now, the folks setting themselves up as fact checkers have incentive to be as accurate as possible, or they lose their value. Of course, it remains to be seen if most people really want true fact-checking. It seems we live in an age where many people only want to hear stories that support their current opinion. The only times they want to see fact checking is when it disparages a politician or idea they don’t agree with.

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