Giving End Users Control Over Location Based Information

from the spies-be-gone dept

One of the big concerns about location based services was always about how users would feel about having their location broadcast to whoever for whatever reasons. So, leave it to the technologists to come up with a solution. The folks at Bell Labs have come up with a system that gives the end user some rules-based controls over who can access their location info for what purposes. Don’t want the local fast food joint spamming you with coupons? You can block them. Want your friends to know how to locate you when you’re out and about? You can allow it. The article is a little short on details as to how the system works, and to what level, but it’s got to be better than a simple “on/off” option.

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Comments on “Giving End Users Control Over Location Based Information”

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thecaptain says:

nice but...

HOw long before those rules get circumvented?

I mean spammers work hard to circumvent the filters WE put in place because we don’t want to hear from them, yet they feel we don’t have the right to NOT listen.

Doubleclick is saying they are actively trying to find ways to circumvent the pop-up blockers that users have installed because they don’t want to see popups from them. They seem to feel justified.

So how long before some marketting morons feel THEY are justified intruding THROUGH these rules that specifically say we don’t want to be bothered?

“Well gee, he must mean the OTHER fast food joints around here…not us…let’s get ’em”

The best way to be left alone at this point is to simply not develop the technology that allows this kind of intrusion…or at the very least develop it with an eye to preventing abuse.

Location based services, popups, spam, RFID…leave us ALONE already (that’s aimed at your basic marketting exec..not you Mike)

What will it take to get that message through? Violence? Seriously, is ANYONE listening?

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