Internet Voting: The Modern Poll Tax?

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An interesting question is being raised as we get closer and closer to offering some kind of internet voting mechanism. Does internet voting unfairly benefit those on the “have” side of the digital divide? If so, how can you ever offer internet voting, when it’s always going to be easier for some people than others? I think the argument may be going too far. Already, there are some people who have cars and some who don’t. Those without are going to have more difficulty getting to a polling place, but people don’t complain about that. Even in cases where everyone does have a car – some are nearer than others to a polling place. You can’t necessarily guarantee completely equal simplicity in getting to a polling place. The issue shouldn’t be one of making it equally difficult for everyone to vote – but making it as easy as possible for everyone to vote.

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Comments on “Internet Voting: The Modern Poll Tax?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

So what's wrong with a poll tax?

So what’s wrong with a poll tax? I mean, it applies equally to everyone. Sure, “it’s always going to be easier for some people than others” to pay a tax, but as long it costs less than a car people really shouldn’t complain seeing as how they don’t complain about driving to polls. Since you can’t necessarily guarantee completely equal voting access anyway, maybe it’s time to reinstitute poll taxes in conjunction with internet voting!

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