Google Email? Would You Trade Off Ads For Better Email Search?

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The big discussion that I’ve been having with a few different people over the last few weeks is whether or not Google would get into the email business – and, if so, how? To me, it seems like an obvious extension of their technology and business model – but not everyone agrees. However, the rumors are getting louder and louder that Google is developing an email product. The question is whether they’ll be offering an entire “Google Email” system, or if they’re just working on a version of their AdSense offering that would work within email (generating contextual ads based on the content of the email). Some people I’ve spoken to about it thought that people would freak out if they thought Google was reading their email to do its contextualization magic – which could be true. The question is how many people will freak out – and will plenty of others be more than willing to welcome the Google contextualization engine into their inbox, in exchange for the ability to actually “Google your email”? Many people always seem to want the ability to better search through their own email. I could see a certain willingness from many people to let Google place ads in their email in exchange for the ability to better search through all the email. If Google could figure out a good anti-spam solution, as well, it could be a real hit.

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Comments on “Google Email? Would You Trade Off Ads For Better Email Search?”

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Ed Smith (user link) says:

Why worry about google e-mail??

I don’t get why anyone would look to Google to
allow searching of their e-mail when there’s already a product that already has more robust searching than anything ever seen on Google.

I habe a 2 Gig DB of past e-mails over the past 10 years and I can always find what I want in seconds using DTSEARCH. go and downlaod it free for a month.


Dani Rauchwerger (user link) says:

Google email controversy

What if Google email was ad-free, but came with a minimal charge? I think this would be the best solution. As far as I’m concerned, Google is already ad-free because I don’t even notice their ads. I love the fact that there are no annoying ad banners or pop-up ads to bother you. Google’s ads are discrete and non-graphical. A free, discrete, non-graphical email would also be an alternative, but then there’s the invasion of privacy issue you were mentioning. I also hope that they would have a cut-throat spam filter that would give you the option of having junk mail deleted automatically as soon as it enters your inbox, rather than being reminded in a bold manner that you have a bulk mail folder of X amount of spam right next to your inbox. I hate that about Yahoo email.

Dani Rauchwerger
Santa Barbara, CA

secela says:

google email

I was reading the article in NEWSWEEK on “The New Age of Google” and it just opened my eyes on how important Google was to me. When it first came out I was drawn to it. I thought it was the name “google,” but i realized it was the quality of my searches. Because of Google I believe I am smarter and better informed, and I would welcome the idea of them having email. Actually, I would switch instantly. I encourage everyone to keep supporting Google, regardless of the Microsoft, Yahoo, and Ask Jeeves competition. No one has ever answered our questions as quickly and completely as Google… and just think, time and technology can only make them better.

google email is the best says:

Re: regarding gmail account

gmail makes all compeditors suck. yahoo and msn are attempting to create bigger inboxes and better things but gmail pwns them all. with gmail you can see your e-mail almost like an im conversation. it groups together emails in conversations and then allows you to archive it. if you don’t like the ads then go and get a decent web browser like mozilla firefox and then go and grab the latest version of ad block. it blocks specific things that suck.

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